Zoo Consultants has been active in leisure for 30 years. Thanks to this extensive experience, Zoo Consultants has a suitable concept for every location. During the past we have developed and imaged many animal parks. Our goal is to realize your good ideas in mutual consultation and to add more value for all interested parties. We have specific competences in the development of animal and nature experiences.

Do you have plans to initiate an animal or nature experience and are you looking for support with the development of your zoo, dôme or wildlife resort? Zoo Consultants is happy to help you!


Unique innovations

Zoo Consultants creates unique and innovative experiences, based on the following techniques.

Nature Settings

A Nature Setting is a natural looking habitat in a dôme or park, it will let the visitor experience a natural environment and the visitor is regularly surprised by encounters with animals. By making as much use as possible of natural secretions such as water, hardy green bushes, rockeries and small differences in height, the natural character of a dôme or park is not disturbed.


When constructing a Nature Setting, indigenous plants and materials are used. A Nature Setting is created through the techniques ‘Landscape Immersion’, ‘Less Money, More Value’ and ‘Meet & Greet’.

Nature Settings - Zoo Consulants

Landscape Immersion - Zoo Consultants

Landscape Immersion

Landscape Immersion is a technique that ensures the visitor to feel completely immersed in nature. Creating a specific routing in the park, where shrubs and trees and small differences in height deprive the view of what will be seen after a next turn, will built up the tension. Unexpected glances to Nature Settings elsewhere on the route also generate tension to what the visitor can expect.

Less Money, more value

Projects are realized with a lot of creativity, where investments are kept as low as possible (less money). Thanks to these limited investments, innovations can be realized regularly in the park, without any capital destruction taking place. Due to the many developments, the experience value of the park will increase and repeat visits will be stimulated (more value).

Less money, more value - Zoo Consultants

Meet en Greet - Zoo Consulants

Meet en Greet

The principle Meet & Greet creates special encounters between visitor and animal. Thanks to the ingeniously designed biotopes and specific activities, humans and animals come very close together. This principle is clearly reflected in the so-called transit areas: biotopes where visitors can walk through and encounter the animals without barriers. The integration of Meet & Greet not only promotes the experience, the special experience also increases awareness.

To get a good picture of the techniques, you can view this film below.


Tailor-made services

Zoo Consultants offers services in the field of imagineering, concept development, master plans, business cases and feasibility studies in the development of a park or dôme.


Concept development
Master plan
Business Case
Feasibility study


Nature experience
Virtual experience

Zoo Standards

Zoo Risk Management

We have been involved by clients in many projects over the last 30 years:

Aqua Zoo Friesland
Zoo Parc Overloon
Dierenpark Wissel
Rabat Zoo
Butterfly World Borculo
Wildpark Gasselte

Cheetah Zoo Parc Overloon - Zoo Consultants

Monkey Paradise
Wadden World
Monkey World
Pangea Dôme
Hof van Nassau
Wild Oman Zoo



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To see what Zoo Consultants is currently doing, you can find the complete overview of current projects under the chapter Portfolio.



Zoo Consultants carries out market research, imagineering and concept development, develops fauna passages, elaborates master plans, conducts feasibility studies, risk analysis and project management.


Zoo Consultants wants to develop zoos, Dômes and wildlife resorts that are innovative, based on our ‘vision’ and ‘vision and beyond’ which can be recognized by the sustainable and natural appearance.