Peter Wolters

Peter Wolters


Drs. Peter S.R. Wolters
Strategy, imagineering, master plans


The world is transforming rapidly, old values and starting points disappear in order to make room for new insights, tasks and processes, inspired and initiated by well educated, ambitious, communicative and internationally orientated juniors.


For Zoos in general this transition means a special challenge. This ‘Zoovolution’ will result in the fact that ambassadorship for nature, nature preservation and nature education including societal thinking and developing and sustainability are the pure essence of existence for Zoos. Furthermore, This ‘Zoovolution’ will cause that, due to the changing composition of visitors, a visit will be seen as a special experiences by juniors as well as seniors.


Imagineering fed by a broad inspiration creates innovations for both existing and new Zoos also based on Darwin’s philosophy ‘Survival of the fittest’.
Strategy is characterized by choice in location, the philosophy ‘Blue Ocean’ and the principal of ‘The Butterfly Effect’. In this the business-case and the ratios will be ultimately the critical factors.


Zoo Consultants believes that this way of thinking, inspired by years of experience and having a specific vision, we will have an important contribution to this ‘ZooVolution’.


Visie and beyond

Animal parks in general and classical zoos in particular will quickly change, innovate or disappear.

Reserves all over the world will increasingly occupy the place and function of an animal park.


Animal parks, etc. in urban environments and reserves (nature parks) in rural areas will increasingly use similar points of departure in the areas of policy, management, education, nature conservation and marketing.


In 50 years’ time, many animal species will no longer be kept in animal parks in the “Western World” due to new insights and social pressures.



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Zoo Consultants carries out market research, imagineering and concept development, develops fauna passages, elaborates master plans, conducts feasibility studies, risk analysis and project management.


Zoo Consultants wants to develop zoos, Dômes and wildlife resorts that are innovative, based on our ‘vision’ and ‘vision and beyond’ which can be recognized by the sustainable and natural appearance.